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Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

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Imagine yourself in your favorite cabin on a frosty winter day. You are cozy up by the illuminating flickering flames of the fire, holding a warm mug of delicious hot cocoa, and daydreaming of the fun you've had in your mountain getaway. 

That exact feeling is what you will get right in your living room when you burn Cabin Fever. You will be surrounded by the pleasant woody scent of pine and evergreen. 

Every candle at WabiSabiSuds is hand poured and hand crafted. We use a blend of natural vegetable wax and beeswax . 


Available in a silver 8 ounce tin.



Burning Your Candle:

During the first use, burn candle until top layer of wax is fully melted. This also ensures proper scent throw and avoids issues such as tunneling of the wax.




  • Keep free of foreign materials, including matches + wick trimmings.
  • Burn within sight.
  • Keep away from flammable objects.
  • Keep away from children + pets.
  • Only burn on a level, fire resistant surface.
  • Do not burn for more than four hours at once.
  • Stop use when ¼ inch of wax remains.
  • NEVER leave your candle unattended.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Entire family loves it!

It smells so good! The scent isn’t too overbearing and strong. Support Black Business 🤎

Thank you Christstephanie for your review! I'm so glad you and your family are enjoying the Cabin Fever candle!!

Cabin Fever

I love this candle it's got a great scent of light wood and sweetness. There is no overbearing scent with this candle so it's good if you can't handle strong smells

Thank you so much for reviewing the Cabin Fever candle Liam! I really appreciate it!